We are a trusted and accomplished provider of mobile dental services. Our professionalism and quality driven approach delivers the highest results to our service members and customers throughout the country.

Did You Know 7

Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc. has traveled outside the country to provide dental readiness for our Service Members. CMD has staffed events in American Samoa 5 times and also traveled to Germany, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

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Did You Know 6

Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc. is able to meet the needs of a variety of clients. Our staffing knowledge and experience, as well as our innovative recruiting efforts, give us the ability to be multifaceted. Historically during our busy season we have staffed almost 900 positions in a single month.

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Did You Know 5

The owners of Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc. have been staffing dental offices since 2002. Complete Mobile Dentistry has also been staffing military readiness events for the past 11 years.

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Did You Know 4

Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc. has grown from working out of a basement with 2 employees to having their own 10,000 sq. foot office building and warehouse. Today CMD consists of 13 corporate staff and over 700 field staff.

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Did You Know 3

Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc. gives back. Complete Mobile Dentistry has donated over $118,000 and several hours to charities in our community and nationwide.

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CDS Testimonial

Dr. James C. SchneiderOlmsted Falls, Ohio

For several years I have had the pleasure to work with Complete Mobile Dentistry. The professionalism and ability of C.M.D. to...




Expanding Services: Helping Our Veterans!

Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc. has a longstanding commitment to our military and is proud to contin...