Your team provides a great service, I will highly recommend you to my colleagues! Dr. Brian Klockow, Wabeno, WI

I have had the privilege of working with Complete Mobile Dentistry since 2010. I have always been impressed with the professionalism and courtesy the organization expresses towards it's clinicians and staff. I have been equally impressed with the respect shown to the patients and military entities that have requested support from CMD. CMD places a high value on customer satisfaction and customer service. This is goal met daily. Communication with any and every staff member that I have had the honor of working with is always met with a prompt email and/or phone call in response. All of my colleagues hired by CMD practice with a similar treatment philosophy and want nothing but the best for those they are treating. I would not hesitate to use their expanded services in temporary placement of staff.

Darryl A. Simms, D.M.D.

Dentist - Middlefield Connecticut

I have worked with Complete Mobile Dentistry for 5 years, working in different states with different staff. Each event I find the staff to have the same qualities: hard- working, dedicated and knowledgeable. CMD sets high expectations for their employees and I am proud to be part of a great team!

Barb Thaxton

Hygienist - Millwood, WV

With 35 years in the dental field, I can say that it is always a pleasure working with staff from Complete Mobile Dentistry. Everyone is professional, motivated, & ready to work as a team. CMD employees always have positive attitudes & a great work ethic. I consider it an honor & privilege to work with this caliber of dental professionals.

Vickie Burke

Dental Assistant - Springport, Indiana

In my previous 6 years of employment with Complete Mobile Dentistry, the people that I have worked with on a consistent basis have always exhibited discipline, proficiency, professionalism, and efficiency in their course of duty, be it the "behind the scenes" workers staffing the events and providing the logistics, or the "boots on the ground" performing the actual tasks. Once I learned that Complete Mobile Dentistry was going to be providing staffing services as Complete Dental Staffing, I knew that, should an opportunity arise, I could enjoy the same qualities in a work environment from the staffing service as mentioned above for services provided to our military service members through Complete Mobile Dentistry. Therefore, when an opportunity arose to become licensed in the state of South Dakota to provide dental services under the auspices of Complete Dental Staffing, I was more than happy and willing to apply for a South Dakota dental license and become more engrained in working with this group of competent professional service providers.

Andris Kirsis

Andris Kirsis DDS - Des Moines, IA

For several years I have had the pleasure to work with Complete Mobile Dentistry. The professionalism and ability of C.M.D. to place dentists is unsurpassed. Personally I look forward to many future years with C.M.D.

Dr. James C. Schneider

Olmsted Falls, Ohio

My name is Emanuel J. Rothis, a dental member of Complete Mobile Dentistry. I have enjoyed working with CMD for 6 years and look forward to many more. I have the extreme honor of being the first dentist to be assigned to a private office form Complete Mobile Dentistry, temporary staffing service. The placement was professionally arranged by CMD and the office was a pleasure in which to work. I commend CMD for their efforts and the efficiency in fulfilling the dental communities needs. I was quite satisfied with the experience to meet other professionals.

Emanuel J. Rothis

Shores Michigan

As an employee of Complete Mobile Dentistry, I have the privilege of witnessing first hand, their relentless commitment to excellency. Over the years I have worked beside a variety of people, performing on a level of distinction that clearly reflects commitment and efficiency, on the part of CMD staffing. All employees are consistently trained, to function together as a unit, to make each and every task, successful and productive. With over 8 years of experience as an office manager, the quality employees CMD produces is beyond the expectations one would hold for their own private practice. I am immensely proud to be apart of such a thriving company, that will continue to grow in the years to come.

Hannah Brown

Lexington, KY

Complete Mobile Dentistry has been such a life saver for my office. They went above and beyond what I expected. Calling me after hours to make sure my needs were met, with a provider that was a perfect match for my office! I will look to them every time I am in need.

Marie E. Heuhs

Orion Family Dental Management, Inc. - State Street Family Dental Management, Inc.


CDS Testimonial

Emanuel J. RothisShores Michigan

My name is Emanuel J. Rothis, a dental member of Complete Mobile Dentistry. I have enjoyed working with CMD for 6 years and look...




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