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FAQs – Applicants

Q: How much is the compensation?
A: We pay competitive wages for all of our Independent Contractors and Employees.

Q: How would I get paid?
A: Staff is paid bi-weekly and we have direct deposit.

Q: Are you hiring in my location?
A: Because our event schedule is always changing we encourage you to apply and then we will
reach out as we have a need in your area.

Q: What type of positions are you hiring?
A: We staff dentist, hygienist and dental assistants.

Q: Do you cover travel expenses?
A: Yes, we reimburse according to our travel policy.

Q: Do I need to book my own travel?
A: No, our Staffing Coordinators work with you to book travel.

Q: How long does application process take?
A: Once you apply we will complete a short phone screen and interview with you over the
phone. If hired, we send you an offer packet. Once that is received, along with necessary
documentation you, will become active in our system.

Q: Once I am hired, how long before I am placed on an event?
A: It will depend on when we have events in your area.

Q: How am I notified of an event?
A: An event notice will go out to active staff via text, phone or email.

Q: Do I have to accept all events in your area?
A: No, you can accept events that work for your schedule.

Q: Do I need to be licensed?
A: You must meet all of your state’s licensing requirements.


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Your team provides a great service, I will highly recommend you to my colleagues! Dr. Brian Klockow, Wabeno,...




Locum Tenens Benefits

There are great benefits of locum tenen work, both on the employee and employer side. Locum tenens can fill in for as little or as many days as...


Did You Know

Did You Know?

There are great benefits of locum tenen work, both on the employee and employer side. Locum tenens can fill in for as little or as many days as possible for a variety of reasons. In certain situations, they might even be requested to become a permanent replacement. It is important that we understand the benefits for both the employee and employer to see if it is the right fit for you. No matter what point you are at in your career, considering to be a locum tenens provider is a great option. Many join in during transitional periods in their career or at a time when they are not ready for the pressure to run their own office. Becoming a locum tenens provider can help you advance in your career as a dental professional. According to Barton Associates the main reason why providers go down the locum tenens provider route is because of freedom. It allows you to work in different locations and facilities before you make a commitment to start your own practice, retire or join a practice. It is also a great way to manage a work life balance. You can work as often or as little as wanted. Being able to have freedom in your schedule is highly desired by many individuals. There is great flexibility in locum tenens work. It is also often considered a way to earn extra income. Some individuals even do locum tenens work for pre-retirement planning. Perhaps they are retired but are not quite ready to call it quits. Some other instances where you can utilize locum tenens work include vacations, staffing training times, while searching for permanent staff members and overall challenging situations in the office.  No matter what your current situation is, locum tenens opportunities are sure to fit your needs. Utilizing a locum tenens provider can help to keep your facility prepared during both planned and unplanned leaves of absence. It allows staff members to have job stability during times where the primary dentist cannot be in the office. Since patient care is most important, locum tenens providers are there to make sure your patients are always receiving great care. Here at Complete Dental Staffing, we make sure that we hire qualified individuals to fill the job. Our locum tenens understand staffing might be needed within short notice, which will help for last minute gaps to be filled. Overall, locum tenens provide great benefits for dental professionals. Flexibility is one of the largest driving forces for employees. For dental offices, it is great to know that CDS can help fill the gaps when needed. Feel free to reach out to us to receive more information or to discuss locum tenens work further. We look forward to hearing from you. Source: Why Work Locum Tenens? | Barton Associates. (n.d.). Retrieved April 25, 2019, from https://www.bartonassociates.com/locum-tenens/why-locum-tenens