We are a trusted and accomplished provider of mobile dental services. Our professionalism and quality driven approach delivers the highest results to our service members and customers throughout the country.

Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc. (CMD) and Complete Dental Staffing (CDS) are proud to support both local and National Charities with our time and money.

One of CMD’s core values is Community Matters.  We have a committee of staff members whose work is having a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of those in our Local, Statewide and National communities.  The committee collaborates bi-weekly to discuss opportunities to give back by donating funds, supplies or volunteering time.  Our mission is to give back to the community with more than just monetary donations while giving our corporate staff the opportunity to make a difference as well.

Each quarter we determine charities where we can donate time, money or supplies.


On May 30, 2019, CMD sponsored two golf teams by attending the 22nd Annual Tellurian Celebrity Golf Tournament.  Tellurian, Inc. is a non-profit agency providing services relating to substance abuse, addictions and mental illness.

Team from CMD and their golfing partners out for the “W”in!



Lisa & Ken Hartig enjoying a day out with fellow golfers to support a great charity! They have been helping support the Tellurian mission for some time.

The week of July 15, 2019 Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc. staff volunteered to hand out sack lunches for kids in DeForest.  Norski Nibbles is a community project that was started in 2013 to feed children during the summer that received free or reduced lunches throughout the school year.  The meals are provided to the kids at no cost, no questions asked, at several locations in the DeForest Area School District.  The program begins at the end of the school year and runs throughout the summer; lunches are provided five days a week.

On July 30 and August 22, 2019, CMD employees provided time to sort food to family-friendly portions and cleaning the work area following the project.  We hosted a food/fund drive and collected 112 pounds of food.  Every 1.2 pounds of food donated helps provide 1 meal.

Andy, Morgan, Bobbi Jo & Charles brought collection of donated items…beautiful smiles!

Tomisa, Elle, Kim, Brandon & Erin helping out! Loving their hair nets!

On August 15, 2019, CMD staff volunteered time to sort books at Reach-A Child which is a local initiative that provides First Responders in WI with REACH BAGs filled with books and drawstring backpacks to help comfort children-in-crisis.  The REACH BAG program provides First Responders who encounter a child-in-crisis a book and a drawstring bag that they can keep.  This helps divert the child in a positive way through the power of a book.

Kala, Michelle, Julie & Morgan had fun sorting books for kids! It was a great learning experience!


On November 2, 2019, CMD staff volunteered time to attend the Welcome Home Badger Honor Flight at the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, WI.  Badger Honor Flight Network is to ensure that World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War and terminally ill Veterans from any war have the opportunity to see the memorials that have been erected in their honor.  

JJ Watt’s uncle and parents.

On November 7, 2019, we had the opportunity to sponsor the local DeForest Windsor Fire & EMS as well as the DeForest Police Department.  Tomisa, Kimberly and Kala were able to assemble 17 bags which has 10 drawstring bags and 10 books for the first responders to distribute to children that might need them.  

As part of an ongoing mission to uphold service-related entities focused on Veterans, Complete Mobile Dentistry’s Community Matters team has donated to provide support for the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. The museum was created as a cultural center to preserve and share the stories of Wisconsin Veterans in order to “acknowledge, commemorate, and affirm the role of Wisconsin Veterans in the United States of America’s military past and present.” CMD team members recently attended the Museum’s quarterly Mess Night series, including a social in the museum, dinner, and an informative lecture presented by Col.(R) Liam Collins. Colonel Collins was the defense advisor to Ukraine from 2016-2018 he discussed how Ukraine reformed its military to defend against what was ranked as the second most powerful military in the world and how it won the battle of Kyiv in the first month of the war.
We were honored to sit among so many who have served our country.




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